How can i become a chef?

broadwayisadrug asked:

Ok i am in grade 10 at an IB boarding school. 99% of their students get into the university of their choice.

I want to be a chef at a big time resturant when i am older and i am fully ready for whatever amount of work i have to do to become a chef?

When i go to university what courses should i take (and whats some good universitys for this job)…

Moneys no problem ;)

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how many years do you have to go to college to become a master chef?

baddawg369 asked:

i want to become a master chef .the best chef in town and i need to know how many years i need to go to college to becom a master chef.
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Any Pastry Chefs available to offer guidance?

dishy_ny asked:

I am getting ready to end my current career and go to culinary school to become a pastry chef. I’m already 36 so this is a pretty big step for me and I’m so very excited!!!(Recommended ultrasound technician)

In Los Angeles, how much do entry level pastry cooks average per year / week or hour? How difficult is it to break in to a good restaurant? Are there specific websites/headhunters that chefs and cooks use to find work?
I am thinking of attending Kitchen Academy in Hollywood - does anyone have any experience with this school?

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Do chefs make a good amount of money?

Elijah D asked:

I’m very passionate about food and cooking and want to know if becoming a chef is the best choice and will i be able to support a family with this carreer choice?
thanks for the info
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What are some Great oppertunities Culinary Arts can offer to one who wants to become a chef?

mcjuicy asked:

I Would love too be a Chef. Actually it would be my calling. I love food, love too cook and I love the messy clean up. I enjoy cooking for others and seeing the smiles that food brings them, it actually feels like an accomplishment. Any advice good or bad is welcome. Give me your oppinion On Culinary Arts, from pasrty arts too just plain food! <3

Thank you

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Certificates needed to become a pastry chef?

AminahM asked:

I was wondering if anyone knew some certificates/lisensure needed to become a pastry chef?
Also the physical demands and usual work hours and travel.

Thanks! :)

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what training do u need to become a chef after highschool?

D man asked:

ive takin basic creative foods and an advanced creative foods class in school and i want 2 be a chef after highschool. im just wondering how much training is needed after school.

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Classes neccessary to take in college to become a chef?

NINJA-13 asked:

I want to specify that I want to be a chef in sofisticated Japanese or Italian restaurants.

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What to do now if i want to become a chef when i get older?

hollie a asked:

I’m 13. I really love to watch cooking shows and (if my mom would let me) would like to tyr to do what they do and make the resipes they do and i want to b come a chef when i get older. What should i do now to get started in the cooking world and r there cooking colleges or schools for kids my age?? anyotehr tips??

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Help PLZ! How do You Become a Chef?

xBigfoot16x asked:

Can someone just please tell me how to become a chef? And I want serious answers. If you can, could you tell me a good culinary school and what the cost per year is there. Thanks in advance.

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Is it possible to become a sushi chef?

Stephanie asked:

I’m a white female who has wondered about becoming a sushi chef. My skills and abilities aside, would it be possible to hired anywhere as a sushi chef even though I’m European and female?

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Can I become a chef without have done home economics in high school?


I would like to be a chef when I am older, but did not carry on doing home economics because last year I found it a waste of time as I did not learn a thing (literally). Can I just to some kind of food course in university?

P.S. I’m 17 (year 12)

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would it be hard to become a chef in Paris, France?

H asked:

i’am already a chef, but would it be hard for me to become a chef in France appose to becoming one in America?

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What should you do in high school to prepare to become a chef?

ildcnto asked:


im a sophmore in hs and i have always wanted to be a chef
i was wondering if there was any classes i could take or anything i should do that would help me out in the future


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