| How do I become a chef in the UK?

How do I become a chef in the UK?

Scatter Of Light asked:

I am in College (Studying 3 A-Levels) at the moment and I want to become a master chef. However I do not know where to go to learn how to become one? I also would like to know what the starting pay is for a chef in this country?

I regularly cook at home (Mainly cakes and some meals such as cannelloni, fish pie and others) and I am begining to experiment a bit with different herbs and spices in each meal.

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2 Responses to “How do I become a chef in the UK?”

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  2. fairbetsy on February 8th, 2009 9:54 am

    The best place to learn is in the kitchen so go out and apply at every restaurant near by.
    You will probably get minimum wage and start out in the dish room but you earn while you learn .
    To be a master chef takes many years and a passion for the job. It is hot and dirty and usually takes place when all your family and friends are out having fun, but if you find you love it , there is no better job on the planet!!!

    Good Luck !!! Do your homework and get a kitchen job.
    If you are suited to it you’ll know right away and if you hate it, you won’t waste time or money on a bad fit.