ildcnto asked:


im a sophmore in hs and i have always wanted to be a chef
i was wondering if there was any classes i could take or anything i should do that would help me out in the future


K2la4u asked:

Hello i am 2nd year college student finally i decide my career to become a Chef. i want to work in a nice hotel or resturants but i have no idea which school i have to go or what class i have to take… can some one recomend me some good schools to become the best? :) I am living in California and i dont care if i have to move.

wildman_2121 asked:

Im currently 14 and when I get older I would like to become a chef. Could somone tell me what I need to know and do to become one? What school I should be looking at, what schooling I should be searching for, things like that.

enegue asked:

Hey guys i’m 24 and i just figured out that i want to become a chef what i would like to know is how long is the chef course???

hulahoops asked:

I have been cooking for a few years and want to become a great chef. What is the best apporach to learning skills besides cooking, taking classes, and reading cookbooks. I want to learn why certain things go together well…like onion and bacon, or avocado and tomato, or ham and swiss?

Rawrrrrr. asked:

Hi im in grade 9 and I really want to become a chef. And I can’t take a cooking course until next year, but how can I get some good cooking experince and what the basics and some good tips about cooking? thank you?

dspartida asked:

I want to get my AA in culinary arts to become a pastry chef, and after graduation open a small bakery. Working for the public for wedding, catering and so on…

Will it pay off?… Will I really make ANY money?

qrund asked:

I want to become a chef. What does a diploma in profesional cooking consist of ie. what will you learn & is it a challenging course. The other thing I’d like to know is, is the City & Guilds diploma in cookery a good qualification to have?

Matt asked:

I am really interested in the culinary world and have dreams of becoming a chef. I’m only 17 years old and now is the time I think I should become an apprentice. Does anyone have any pointers of how to get this position? I mean.. do i just call up a resturant or hotel and ask the chef if I could come in and help cook? It just seems odd. Also what can I expect on the first day in the kitchen? I have no prior experience in this. Thanks!

Twiztid Juggalette asked:

I’m a girl my late teens (17-18) and he is 46. I often have very graphic “dirty” dreams about him and myself. He gives me goosebumps and I become aroused when I see him, hear his voice, or even think about him. I often find while watching him on tv I start touching myself or tearing at my clothes without realizing it until the end of the show. I find him so smart, funny, and attractive I go a little nuts when I think of him or he is mentioned. Do you think I’m strange or crazy?